fairness. security.

we take our responsibility seriously.

responsible gaming.

GGC aims to provide the world’s safest most trusted gaming platform. Across our broad product line-up, our objective is that every user plays within their financial means and receives the best service possible. The Group is committed to three core principles of integrity, fairness and reliability, with our overarching goal, of preventing gaming-related problems arising.

Together with leading research institutes, associations and counselling providers, we have developed measures to create a responsible, safe and reliable place for online gaming.

our philosophy.

We love what we do, we dare to be fast, to think differently and we win by working hard. Together we dream big, think big and make big things happen! We believe that we are on a journey together, which is revolutionizing our industry. We have created an extraordinary environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged.

our values.

Our employees and our customers are the heart of our business.
We trust, respect, care for and support each other. We strive to exceed expectations together, to provide a space to be innovative. Together, we work very hard to create a special experience and to achieve more beyond our goals.

our claims.

Our purpose is to deliver a safe and responsible gambling experience which is a natural and exciting form of entertainment in the everyday life.

trust the game.


It is our responsibility to create a gaming environment that is founded on the spirit of fair play. The trust of our customers is fundamental to our success. Customer confidence is reliant on us safeguarding the fairness of the games and protecting our customers against fraud. We work closely with independent authorities which monitor the fairness of the gaming products we offer. When it comes to fraud and manipulation, our dedicated investigation and online monitoring teams ensure our customers’ protection.


Our gaming sites are subject to strict regulatory oversight and we comply with a wide range of laws, rules, standards and regulations throughout various jurisdictions. Regular verification of compliance by means of independent reviews confirms that random number generators work as they should, that deposits are kept safe in segregated accounts and that all personal data is protected.


Gaming is a great source of entertainment for millions of people around the world. But, for a minority, gaming can cause problems. We are committed to identifying risks as early as possible and intervening to prevent these problems before they emerge. We have in place a responsible gaming framework which includes controls to help customers to play within their limits and avoid a situation where gaming causes problems.

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